Kailey Staiano

One Table

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One table


Conversation, connection, community...

We live in a world constantly surrounded by busyness and chaos from technology to food culture. This constant, fast-paced stimulus has caused our culture some difficulty in find time to slow down and have a conversation with another or spend time cooking and eating together.

My concept was to develop a brand that brings conversation and quality time back to the dinner table, hence the name One Table. The name stems from the fantasy of having the ones you love together at one table with no distractions, enjoying a nourishing meal with thoughtful discussion. Local farms and chefs would work together to develop a one-of-a-kind menu of healthy local ingredients to be enjoyed by a select group of people who will spend the evening enjoying purposeful conversation. The design style of the cookbook aims to support the contrast between natural and modern.

The deliverables include a promotional video for the launch of the service and the menu system for one sample event. Later in the brand's life, a cookbook would be created that features recipes from various One Table dinners that took place across the country.


Photographs and names used in this project have been chosen for use as samples. I do not claim that the narratives developed are entirely truthful and I do not claim the photographs used in the cookbook as my own.